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Having started off at IIT Kharagpur as a Science Major and working towards the role of a researcher, I transitioned to a multi-faceted role at TCS Innovation Labs. There, I figured out I had a knack for making sense out of huge amounts of messy data, and I could easily draw out the information that mattered and present it as actionable insights. Combining that with the aesthetic appeal of making and presenting the information as beautiful visualizations and dashboards, I knew this was the job that I wanted to do every single day for the rest of my life, and get meaning out of it while also making it fun.

After the COVID setback, I worked towards upskilling myself and got certified in Data Analytics by two of the biggest companies in the world - Google and Facebook(Meta). I now combine the rigor and attention-to-detail of a scientist, the programming expertise of a software engineer, the creativity of a designer, with my Data Analytics skills to find trends, draw conclusions and make predictions from huge amounts of data, assisting in making data-driven decisions.

In my free time, you’ll find me cheering for Liverpool F.C. (YNWA), making digital illustrations in Photoshop, or re-watching scenes from The Office!